It was so great meeting you and your team last Saturday! I just wanted to say thank you personally for Big Party Orchestra’s great work at our holiday party. Your band’s energy and talent is truly amazing and it was evident in the level of participation of our attendees that everyone had a great time! I personally had a blast and am so inspired by all of you, doing what you love with a passion. Special thanks for the help with dinner music that you were able to put together for me last minute and helping out with the raffle and making it SO FUN. You are so easy to work with and I could not have asked for anyone better. I hope you guys enjoyed the event as much as we did! Any feedback regarding the event from you or the others will be gladly received. Do keep me in the loop for any future events that you guys do, I would love to come see you! =)


When planning our wedding, we agreed that the entertainment was a priority; we wanted our guests to have FUN.  We were weary of bands because so many weddings we’ve been to before only played old classics and had no contemporary music in their portfolios.  Still, we didn’t want to settle on a DJ, so we went to a band showcase.  It was there that we saw Big Party Orchestra play; all the band members showed so much energy and had so much range, we knew they were the right band for us.

The band was so easy to work with during the planning stages.  They were professional, yet personal —  as they worked with our wedding venue directly to confirm vendor details, but catered to own special requests.

Big Party Orchestra certainly proved that they are above all the rest at our wedding reception.  The moment the dance music came on, all of our guests flooded the floor.  Even after our reception manager was trying to usher us out (as the event had ended), the band still played for the relentless dancing fiends!  Our friends and family are still talking about how great the band was, even months after the wedding.  I think the most telling anecdote from one of our aunts, “my husband didn’t even dance at our wedding 25 years ago, but he wouldn’t leave your dance floor the entire night!”

If you’re like we were (prior to hearing Big Party Orchestra), you may be thinking about booking a DJ because aterall, they can virtually play anything.  However, after working/hearing/dancing/living Big Party Orchestra, you realize that GREAT bands not only have the vast variety a DJ can offer, but they can infuse a type of energy that a DJ cannot.  Bands are a bigger investment than a DJ, but Big Party Orchestra was worth every penny — these band members created a party ambiance and truly gave us the time of our lives!!

Big Party Orchestra is simply the best!

-Kevin and Diane 

To whomever is hiring a band for their very special event:

We planned our wedding to take place at the Liberty Hotel in Boston and invited many guests to join us from all four corners of the U.S. As an inducement to attend, and with no small measure of hyperbole in our invitations; we promised it would be the party of the year. We put all the pressure on Big Party Orchestra to deliver, and they executed splendidly. These guys (and gal) know how to party. More important, they knew how to put our guests on their feet and onto the dance floor. The Liberty was swinging thanks to these very talented musicians.

We wholeheartedly recommend Big Party Orchestra for your special event, and suggest that you will be very happy with the music, the energy, and all of the smiles on your guests’ faces.


Alan and Patt 

Dear Big Party Orchestra,

My husband and I really struck gold with your BPO! Anyone who is in search for a band for their wedding would be crazy not to book this band! Out of our 160 wedding guests we had quite a mix of people as I am sure most weddings do. From the hippies, to the rockers, adolescent pop music lovers, and the older folks everyone could not stop talking about this band!  My uncle was a drummer in a band for many years throughout his 20’s and he is a little tight with the wallet and even he said ” I don’t care how much you paid for this band but it was worth every penny”. My husbands 88 year old grandmother was even up dancing!

Another friend wanted the bands contact information to book them for an annually party he has every year, and another asked so she could book them for her wedding and she is not even engaged! It has been weeks since my wedding and that is the only thing that people are still taking about! This band truly made my wedding something to remember and for that I am so thankful! They were not only talented but professional and just a nice group of people. No other band will meet your expectations the way that they will, trust me! This band F***ing Rocked! WE LOVE YOU GUYS


We saw Big Party Orchestra for the first time at our friends’ wedding in Newport, and knew from that moment we had to have them perform at our wedding. BPO was so easy to work with from start to finish.  They were very professional and thorough.  At the wedding, we couldn’t have been happier. The band had everyone on the dance floor the entire night, which was exactly what we wanted!  The energy they created was amazing. We even had a few people ask for their contact information for their own weddings. Our wedding was by far the best day of our lives and a big part of that was BPO making it so much fun!  To this day our family and friends say, “that was the best wedding I’ve ever been to”.  Thank you BPO!

- Gerard & Kelly 

Six weeks before our wedding. our original band cancelled on us, which ended up being a blessing in disguise. Big Party Orchestra had only 2 dates left in 2014 and one happen to be our special day, 9.6.14! We researched every band available in New England and when we almost thought we were going to have to settle on a DJ, we came across Big Party Orchestra!

The band leader, Peter invited us to come see the band perform the next night, needless to say, after 15 minutes, we knew we had found our band! Each member has great presence and they all sing/play beautifully. The playlists on their website are wonderful, we couldn’t have been more satisfied with our entire wedding night. From introductions, to dinner, to dancing. to the last song, they nailed every single song and our dance floor was packed!

After the last song of the night our guests cheered for an encore. (no joke)! You know what song they performed? The song my husband and I asked to be played as we were introduced into the ballroom! Our guests were raving about the band all night the next morning and even now, one month later! By the end of the night I don’t think they had any business cards left!

Our wedding day couldn’t have been anymore special and we are so grateful for Peter and his fabulously talented team of musicians!

If you are looking for a band for your wedding, look no further


There is no band comparable to Big Party Orchestra, they are simply the BEST! We had them at our wedding in June and I have never seen a dance floor fill up as quickly as it did. And it never emptied! BPO was nonstop action for over 2 straight hours. Their incredible set list with songs from (so many more than these too): “Get Down Tonight” to “Rock with You” to “Dynamite” to “Ride with Me” to “Bringing Sexy Back” to “OMG” to “Party Rock Anthem” to “Wild Ones” to “Chicken Fried” to “Yeah 3X” to “Hot in Here” to “Die Young” to “Raise Your Glass” to “Wanna Dance with Somebody” to “No Diggity” right into “This is How We Do It” to “Lucky” and “Hold On We’re Going Home” to close out the night, and then “Don’t Stop Believing” for the encore, was all absolutely INCREDIBLE. No band puts on a better party and show than BPO. Their unique style of “mashing up” songs together and transitioning seamlessly to the next song is so cool and something that only they can do. Also, their range of songs is endless basically because they have amazing vocalists that can sing AND rap as well (KR and Simone), so no song is off the table. All the musicians are top notch and amazing at what they do. They are all great people and incredibly helpful and professional throughout the whole process of figuring out the wedding day. My man Peter is the main contact person, and is so awesome to work with, open to anything we would suggest and his main goal was to make us happy. The night was absolutely perfect because of Big Party Orchestra’s energy, talent, and fun personalities. Everyone from our friends to fathers to great aunts keep telling us how great they were. There is no doubt in my mind that they are the best band in Boston and I’m already looking forward to seeing them perform ASAP, or planning another event just so we can hire them to bring the house down AGAIN!! THANKS SO MUCH BPO!!!

-Lindsay and Tommy

I don’t think I would have had as much fun at my wedding without these guys (and gal). They were fantastic-kept a huge crowd on the dance floor all night with their high energy and great selection of music that greatly pleased our 20s-60s crowd. They offered excellent suggestions on music during our planning process and worked with us on some of our unique requests-my new husband wrote a song for me that the band was nice enough to learn on short notice to make our night special. Peter worked with us throughout the planning process and was super helpful, responsive and professional-and just a really nice guy! I couldn’t recommend BPO more highly.

- Kathryn and Michael

Do yourself a favor and hire BPO for your wedding. My husband and I have seen them play in Boston, as well as at another wedding besides our own. Every performance has been very professional and high energy. Our dance floor was packed the entire reception and we had so much fun that we extended the reception another hour. So many guests complimented us on the band and we heard from many that it was the best band they had ever seen at a wedding. Even our vendors – who have seen it all – were wowed! They are capable of playing a tremendous variety of music and there are 3 incredibly talented vocalists. Hands down they are the best band you can find. Thank you BPO

- Lindsey